We strongly believe that fresh, natural products are the best way to heal your skin and enhance your natural beauty.

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VĪ & ROSE is an all-natural facial product system based out of Venice, California. All of our products are handmade fresh everyday in Venice and are 100 percent vegan. That means no artifical fragrances, no artificial preservatives and no ingredients from animals. In our development of new products, there is no animal testing. Every product is only tested on human volunteers.



Our mission is to give people easy access to a face care system that is made fresh, from only organic fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, vitamins, the finest essential oils, and without unnecessary preservatives. We aim to use very little packaging, and only use recyclable containers. We feel people should have freedom from products that will make the skin reliant or cause allergies, so we use only natural ingredients that are made fresh per order. 


Ashton has spent over 12 years in the entertainment industry, seven of them being in Los Angeles, CA where she has worked with and been treated by the best makeup artists, estheticians, and dermatologists in the world. Growing up with acne breakouts, Ashton tried practically all of the biggest skincare products on the market with little to no success. Being an actress, she was constantly wearing layers and layers of makeup, which only made breakouts worse. It wasn’t until she started using completely organic ingredients that she began to see a real change in her skin. Between advise from skincare experts, studying organic cosmetic science, and the discovery of the power of organic products, she teamed up with Kaitlyn McBride and developed a skin care line that effectively keeps skin clean and from breakouts, repairs acne scars and improves the overall health of our skin.


Kaitlyn grew up in Northern California, her family very much into holistic practices. A popular remedy in her home for colds or ailments was to drink apple cider vinegar. This antidote stuck with Kaitlyn after leaving home to live in Spain, New York, then Asia, and finally Southern California. Being an adventure-seeker, loving surfing, hiking and other outdoor activities, she found a need to take extra care of her skin to prevent and heal sun damage (the biggest cause of aging) and keep clear skin. After doing some research, she came across others who had also sworn by apple cider vinegar. She began bottling solutions for the face and hair, finding much improvement in the quality of both. After years of trials and success, her solutions became a huge part of the VĪ & ROSE skincare regimen. She has been dedicated to only natural ingredients since.